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just click on matchmaking and pray that someone else is hosting a game/joining yours if you're interested in playing against other people.
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Also ported to XBox in Supreme Commander SupCom to its fans is widely seen as the spiritual successor to total-annihilation TA , being the brainchild of Chris Taylor and sharing other developers. It has a very similar gameplay to the rts , sharing the large-scale maps, large numbers of units and types of units , and economy system. SupCom features proper 3D graphics and a more modern user interface.

Very expensive and high-powered " experimental " units provide a means to overwhelm an entrenched enemy, in the same role as TA's Krogoths though more varied. On the other hand, new shield structures and units provide some defence against ranged artillery attacks, which was not possible in TA. Later in an expansion pack, Supreme Commander: Suppose you made a nuke silo and nuked him. Therefore, the research system reduces an entire field of possible compositions, units, and strategies down to relatively few research-delimited paths.

Perhaps in an effort to achieve simplicity, SupCom 2 actually features shockingly few unit types for a modern RTS title. The idea was that you would use the same units all game, however they would increase in strength over the course of the game. This would replace the tier system used in SupCom and Forged Alliance, where higher-tech factories can produce an entirely different suite of more powerful units.

The obvious complaint here is that a tremendous amount of player choice and depth has been sacrificed by reducing your options from any particular factory down to about four, on land, sea, and air. Especially when each of the remaining units has a very clearly defined role and is useless at anything else. Want something that attacks air? You have exactly one unit that does that job- the others simply cannot do it at all.

A huge problem with this system is the one-dimensionality that results. With respect to the direct-combat ground units, you have one choice, and so does your opponent.

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Tactical missile units, anti air, shields, etc. Similarly, with naval units, you have one submarine, one support ship, one battleship, etc. All three tiers of units were used at pretty much all points in time in serious games of Supreme Commander. For example, T1 scouts are dirt cheap- useful even if you have the ability to produce powerful and expensive T3 combat units. Even T1 combat units remain useful for padding out a higher tech army, enabling it to take more hits of high-power weapons which massively overkill small, weak units.

Or, T2 flak anti air is useful for saturating an area with mobile medium-power air cover, even if you could build long range T3 SAM sites.

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Developing and expanding upon this system has so much potential, so many possible varieties of game systems- it is a shame to get rid of it for something so… bland. I am a huge supporter of attempts to create more elegant games by simplifying, however the key is to have a complex game result from surface simplicity. Simplifying away elements which create interesting and complex behavior is bad. Far, far too much was subtracted in SupCom 2, and the result is extremely simple.

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Units can cross the map in seconds. The epic scope of the original was one of its main selling points, and one of the biggest ways it differentated itself from the competition- now gone. Also, the removal of tech levels means there is only one type of mass extractor used throughout the game- meaning extractors have to be more expensive, hurting early game expansion drastically. A mex in SupCom 2 is a whopping mass- ergo not at all expendable.

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Not to mention the Tank Unit cost- or the fact that you could get a Fatboy for the same price as three mass extractors. This reworking of the significance of resource facilities is a consequence of the economy system and the greatly reduced size of the game. Because of the reduced scope and size of the game, armies tend to be much smaller.

A typical attack force should be somewhere in the neighborhood of units- positively trivial by FA standards. Air armies can be unlimited in size, however, because they do not obstruct each other, and are not obstructed by terrain or choke points. Which means flying in with an unstoppable air army to snipe the commander, or anything else you please, is even further incentivized due to the small size of the conflict, which is extremely perverse typically you would expect land units to be more effective when the size shrinks- but air units are much stronger in SupCom 2.

The reduced army size is even sanctioned by the structure of the game. They actually want a player to manually order their mass converters every time they want energy turned into mass. Not to mention how stupidly efficient mass conversion is in SupCom 2- it would have to be to justify its high research price tag, otherwise why research it at all? In fact it is so grossly powerful that, once researched, the player with mass conversion no longer cares about mass extractors at all.

The experimentals in SupCom 2 are, as a consequence of the changed economy slashing their prices, and the research system delaying their acquisition, are a significant strategic choice regarding when to unlock them. However this is precisely the problem- your entire game plan is constrained by what you intend to unlock later. Also, there is the problem of inherently boring and gimmicky experimentals. And because the main cost is the research, you always see them in games that go long enough. They are no longer special, nor are they that powerful.

They are standard units now, mainly because there are so few options. Now, if these units behaved normally, then fine, we can just stop treating them like experimentals. However, they absolutely do not- they may cost relatively few resources, but they are very powerful due to their high research cost, and can chew through huge numbers of stock units. The Cybran have a cloaking experimental which makes nearby friendly units undetectable by any means, although they can still shoot at you. Effectively an impenetrable mega-shield, because you must focus down the cloaker before you can do any damage to any other nearby enemies.

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Or what about the giant robot T-Rex- which also sucks, never build it. There are a variety of experimental factories, as well, especially for the UEF- the Noah unit cannon, and the flying fortress. These factories produce units extremely quickly, extremely cheaply, and some can move or launch at map-global range. Once unlocked, you really have no reason to ever build a unit out of a normal factory ever again. Very poorly thought out. Such units should offer powerful functionality at a premium price, not be hyper-efficient industrial advantages AND offer powerful new functionality.

At the top of my hit list for experimental design flaws is this: Experimentals, battleships, artillery, nuke silos, for anything that ails you, air units are the answer. In fact, air units especially gunships are so powerful and tough they outperform land units for cost in many cases- even against ground-based anti-air. On top of everything else, air-to-air warfare really is as dumb as watching fighters chase each other and wait for the result hint: Add to this their map-negating mobility and counter-everything-when-massed nature, and you have a very boring air war indeed.

Despite my lengthy tirade about the game, there were in fact various areas of improvement over Supreme Commander, in ways that really should not be overlooked. The biggest area of improvement was their engine and graphical efficiency- the specs for SupCom 2 are actually dramatically lower than those of the original Supreme Commander, despite the more-than-acceptable graphics. It boasts wonderful and debatably excessive particle and lighting effects, flawless zoom, and good visuals all around.

The original game actually demanded perhaps a bit too much in terms of computer power to effectively run it, and scaling that back and increasing efficiency was an excellent move. In fact there are even quite a few areas of improvement, especially the new flow-field pathing system and unit AI, both of which are very noticeable improvements over Forged Alliance.

Supreme Commander; Forged Alliance Forever Podcast Episode 2

In fact, the general nuts-and-bolts implementation of SupCom 2 is much better than its predecessor. Online matchmaking is a graveyard because of its other shortcomings, but for a time after its release, the system worked quite well unlike the original. GPGNet is dead, and good riddance- that system absolutely sucked. If you still have your original CD key steam will take it and you'll have access to MP through steam. They'll even give you FA if you only have a vanilla SupCom code.

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    FAF is dead, ZeP killed it for good. The new project is named FA Reborn for now and has a temporary site at: When the new server and lobby are working, nobody knows, but it's being worked on. I will not make a statement in this post if I approve or not, as to be a neutral information. I don't know where the extra "d" came from. It is was a player-made program to replace GPG Net. This is pretty crushing, it was the only way to play online with mods.

    I know my friends and I use the Sorian AI mod on steam.